Water tube boilers

High efficiency water tube boilers are fabricated according to well-proven ERK Eckrohrkessel design.


The self-supported boiler skeleton consists of unheated downcomers and headers which are welded to gas tight tube walls to form a closed tubular cage. Among the numerous advantages which this construction has is the self-supporting structure and the workshop fabrication of the entire boiler unit which is transported in one piece or segments which are easily assembled on site.

Unique design benefits:

  • Fast start-up
  • Quick response to load change
  • Self-supporting structure
  • High steam purity
  • Flexibility to space requirements

Hot water boilers

Horizontal flame axis

Vertical flame axis

Steam boilers

Remming steam generators are suitable for producing saturated or superheated steam.

Thermal oil heaters

The tube wall design without headers is suitable for high capacity thermal oil heaters. The design enables the flow measurement in each tube. A set of tubes is forming the complete heater structure and heating surface (radiation and convection part). The tube wall heater is designed and manufactured according EN 12952.

Waste heat recovery boilers

Whether it is combined with electrical arc furnace, gas engine (turbine) or various incinerators, Remming WHR boilers are designed to fit the application. The waste gas flow through the boiler can be with horizontal, vertical or combination of both, depending on the specification of waste gas and space availability.