Shell boilers

Remming shell boilers can be manufactured as fire tube boilers and smoke tube boilers. Remming shell boilers can be delivered as HiFlux boilers or common fire tube/smoke tube boilers.

HiFlux Boilers

HiFlux boilers are constructed as two-pass and three-pass boilers with the application of ERK tubeĀ®. The benefits of these boilers include higher heat-transfer coefficient and higher reliability with dusty flue gases. Due to the usage of dimple structured ERK tubeĀ®, increased heat transfer efficiencies and a reduced fouling inside of the flue gas tubes can be realized.

Therefore, compared to common plain tube boilers, HiFlux boilers have some significant advantages, such as

  • smaller size and weight, which enables better space availability
  • extension of boiler availability (longer cleaning intervals)
  • reduction of delivery costs
  • reduction of site assembly costs
  • reduction of maintenance costs (less flouling = less cleaning required)

Hot water boilers

Two pass boilers / Three pass boilers

Steam boilers

Two pass boilers / Three pass boilers

Heat recovery boiler